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Friday, August 16, 2013

Oracle Pidgin in Android Phone using Xabber or Connect Beehive chat in Android or Use XMPP in Xabber/Jabber

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Steps to Connect Pidgin in Android Phone or Beehive Chat in Your Android Phone is Here

1. Download Xabber from of-course its a free app. Install it and Open.
2. Open Settings
3. Goto XMPP accounts - Manage your Accounts
4. Add Account
5. Enter User name :
    Check - Store Password
    Password           : ***********
    Server                :
    Check - Custom Host
    Host                  :   
    Port                   : 5223
    Resource           : stbeehive
    Priority               : 5
    Check -  Use SASL Authentication
    TLS/SSL Usage  : Select Legacy SSL
And Press Back Key

It will try to connect and it will definitely connect.  Be sure to use your correct Oracle User Name and Password .

Now if You want to connect any chat room here is the trick

After Login into your chat account

1. Goto Options and select More.
2. Select Join Conference.
3. Enter the Following Details
     Multi User Chat Server      :
     Conference                      : name of chat room you want to join      
     nick                                : name to be shown in chat room (normally user name)
     Password                        : ********* (Oracle's Password)
     Check - Join Conference
     Save Conference 

And you are done now.

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